We have attempted to simplify the booking process by teaming up with ClassForKids. Please click 'info & booking' next to the camp you wish to book your child/ children into and select the dates or weeks you wish to be. It will ask you to create an account where all of the information we would need is saved and can be managed for future bookings. 


Due to the corona virus, we have been forced to make some large changes as to how we run camp.  We will unfortunately not be able to offer early bird or late picks on this occasion as we will be using the additional time to clean and disinfect.  

Camp has been split into 3  based on age,  for a few reasons. Firstly to minimise the chances of a large scale spread but also to plan activities respective of age ability. This boosts engagement and accessibility.  
Please make sure you book your child/ children into the correct camps. 

Due to the corona virus, we are politely asking parents to book a minimum of 3 days (where possible) to helps us to better monitor their health to to be able to identify any symptoms. Single days visits make it significantly harder to contain a potential spread.

We have big plans for Easter Camp. We aim to create a space where, 3 months worth of pent-up lockdown energy, can be spent in 2 weeks!  

Key information:

  • No parents will be allowed on site. Please make sure all children are dropped of at the park entrance which is located in the corner of Albert Road Rec (Dunsford Park)

  • Camp starts at 9am and collection is at 4pm.

  • We have a NO NUT policy at camp. This includes nutella, pesto, peanut butter etc

  • Temperatures will be checked at the entrance. In the unfortunate event of a high temperature, we will be turning children away with a very heavy heart but needs must.

  • If your child has any symptoms, we politely ask that you do not bring them to camp.  Could you please also let us know as soon as possible. 


Any questions please email

For more information please download our plan:


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Hours of operation 

During every school holiday!

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