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Entertaining & educating children in our own, unique (silly) way.


Welcome to the official page of Camp Ally Pally.

We are a multi-activity camp offering fun, active and educational activities. We cater for children ages 4-11, and are based at Alexandra Park School in Muswell Hill.

WE aRe a Multi Activity camp 


Fun & Safe Environment.

Camp Ally Pally offers a place for children to come and be comfortable in their own skin and express themselves for who they are. 

Our activities are designed to engage children from all different walks of life. We aim to entertain and educate with smiles and fun at the epicentre! 

Be Creative 

Camp Ally Pally encourage the children to think outside of the box. We have a lots of activities that get the children thinking and using their hands.  Building, designing, creating, making...we  bring different classes each camp to keeps the kids expanding their thought process. 

Up and Active. 

Fitness is so important. Each day we have 2 activities focus on using our bodies and getting the heart racing. At Camp Ally Pally we understand that not everybody is 'sporty' but within sport there are many fundamental moving skills that are essential to a child's growth.


Sport isn't the main focus of our camp but we do believe it is important. We incorporate  fundamental movements skills into fun games so the children are learning without the pressure that comes with some sports. 


Letting Kids... Be Kids! 

Kind Words From Parents. 

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